Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Miss someone who is near...

type = ' html ' >If you knew my love,
the pain that stays on my chest,
every time I see you leave,
no time to get back...

Oh if you only knew...

Don't miss grant,
running through this space,
to me you exturque
and aninhariaste in my embrace.

If you knew my love,
cold it takes my body
When my your if desune,
come warm me in every moment.

Oh if you only knew...

the jealousy that took her virginity my soul,
this flicker of eyes that you undress
that will get you in dreams for other beds,
and love you without knowing...

If you knew my love,
envy feelings of those mornings that you receive,
those nights you snuggle, listen and feel.
live your days.

Oh if you only knew...

How Hill... and how much rise for your hands,
Don't let my life be my,
enlaçavas my existence in your
and my resgatavas I...

If you knew my love,
how wide is my loneliness,
and how many times disappear on this denso fell,
would you go away... just so I can love you more closely.

*** Artemis * * *